Model T. Jr. Foamer® Decontamination Foam Cleaning System

The Model T Jr. Foamer cleaning system is a rugged, portable, foam-generating unit designed to operate with compressed air supply with the following features:

  • Simple construction provides minimal unit maintenance.
  • Internal pressure-loaded closure prevents pressurized tanks from being opened.
  • Portable size allows quick access to cleanup areas.
  • Foam consistency can be adjusted.
  • ASME-approved pressure tank and safety release valve.
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant polymers and stainless steel.

Application: The Model T Jr. Foamer is a portable foam applicator which provides a means of producing and applying CAPSUR® as a uniform foam onto horizontal, vertical, and overhead contaminated surfaces.

Operating Requirements ( Customer )

  1. Air Supply – 80 psi at 8 cfm.
  2. Air Hose with 1/4″ Industrial Interchange Nipple


  • Maximum Tank Pressure 125 psi.
  • Tank Capacity 15 gallons
  • Empty Tank Weight 68 lbs.
  • ASME-approved Tank and Pressure Relief Valve

Contact Integrated Chemistries for list of approved suppliers.


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