Since 1984 Integrated Chemistries has created, patented and delivered unique cleaning and extraction systems for the decontamination of buildings and structures containing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste and bi-products.

All our products can be applied as foam using air as the application vehicle. This process allows for longer dwell time (extraction), superior removal (95% +) lower labor costs, plus up to 90% less waste disposal cost.

While all our products provide unique performance and project cost saving, two of these are acknowledged as the “GOLD STANDARD “in their performance within the environmental industry.

CAPSUR, for the extraction and removal of PCBs (90 %+) plus the lowest labor and waste disposal cost. PETAGONE, for the degreasing and extraction of PCP, creosote, herbicides, and heavy grease and oil.

INTEGRATED CHEMISTRIES has pioneered the ability of contractors to assure complete extraction and removal of hazardous materials on projects with a BLACK LIGHT optical inspection of the treated surface to identify any residual contamination. All our products are built with this optical reactor in their formulation and can be applied with our Model T Jr. foamer.

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